TikTok to MP4 Downloader

Save TikTok to mp4 videos without watermark

How this Tiktok video downloader works?

Choose your Video

Open the Tiktok app on your phone or go to the tiktok website to get started.Choose the tikok video you want to download by browsing the selection.

Copy your Link

Once you have select your video, click on share option and choose copy link. The url for the tiktok videos will be copied to your devices clipboard when you do this.

Paste your Link

You can paste the copied tiktok video url into the input field or box on the Ttmate.io. To paste the url click on Paste icon.

Video Downloading

After pasting the url and choosing your preferred format, click the download button to start the download.

Are you looking for a quick TikTok to mp4 downloader?

TTmate.io allows you to effortlessly converter and download TikTok videos in highest quality as mp4 format with HD resolution. Our TikTok downloader allows to users can download HD TikTok videos less then 10 second. With just a few clicks, you can save your unlimited favorite TikTok videos quickly and securely, shared them with friends and offline enjoyment on your multiple devices including mobile, laptop, computer, or tablet. Whether its funny moments, acting dance challenges, trending videos, or other video clip, our TikTok to mp4 converter has got you covered. It was not ever so simple to download musically videos. With our TT downloader you can download TikTok videos without the watermark, preserving the contents originality. TTmate operates without any software installation and registration requirements or the need for personal information. Your experience remains hassle-free and completely anonymous. Our TikTok downloader is an absolutely free and user-friendly interface, and ready to simplify your TikTok video downloading experience. Try it today and enjoy your TikTok videos anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection.

Key Features


No login required

Compared to other downloaders, our tiktok to mp4 downloader doesn't ask users to register or provide any personal data. your privacy has been protected since you can use the service completely privately. with the help of this tool, creating an account is made easier and has fewer security risks.

No Watermark

Without watermark

This TikTok to mp4 downloader’s ability to erase watermark from downloaded TikTok videos is one of its best features. The content that has been downloaded is more delightful to watch and is suitable for sharing across multiple devices because users may a clear and watermark-free watching experience.


Unlimited downloads

Our TikTok to mp4 downloader allows unlimited downloads, unlike many other downloaders that have restrictions. There is no limit or additional free for users to save as many tiktok videos as they want. this limitless capacity guarantees that you can build your collection seamlessly.


Simple User Interface

A simple and intuitive user interface is how we have built our downloader. even those with little technological expertise can download TikTok videos in mp4 format with ease. Everyone will be able to explore and utillise the tool with ease because to its intuitive design.


Fast Conversion

Speed is important while converting TikTok videos to mp4. With our downloader’s blazingly quick conversion time, you may quickly get your preferred content from TikTok in mp4 format. Its user-friendly interface and quick video conversion make it ideal for users who value ease of use and speed.


Mobile friendly interface

Our TT downloader was created with mobile users in mind. the user interface on your mobile devices is smooth and easy to use because it was created specifically for smartphones and tablets. you may easily download tiktok videos in mp4 format for usage on the go even if you don't have a desktop computer.

Frequently asked questions

It's important to respect copyright and intellectual property rights. Ensure that you are downloading content that you have the right to use and that it complies with TikTok's terms of service.

Typically, you need to copy the TikTok video's URL and paste it into the downloader's input field. Then, select the desired MP4 quality and click the download button. The tool will convert and save the video in MP4 format.

Our mp4 video downloader provides complete protection against dangerous information online. Additionally, this program does not store user information and provides a very secure environment for downloading both private and public videos.

Generally, TikTok to MP4 downloaders only work for public TikTok videos. Private videos or those with restricted access cannot be downloaded without proper authorization.

No, you typically do not need to install any software to use TTMate.
TTMate is often designed as an online, web-based tool, which means it operates directly within your web browser. Users can access and utilize the service without the need for downloading or installing any additional software or applications.

Yes, you can often download videos in HD quality using TTMate.io .
TTMate provide options that allow users to select the desired video quality. This means you can enjoy your downloaded TikTok videos in the best available visual clarity and resolution, making for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

To use TTMate, simply copy the TikTok video's URL, paste it into the TTMate website's input field, choose your preferred video quality, and click the download button. The tool will then converts and save the video as an MP4 file

Yes, TTMate is usually accessible from mobile devices and can be used to download TikTok videos to MP4 on Smartphone and tablets, in addition to desktop computers.

Here are the general steps to download TikTok videos without watermarks:

  • Find the TikTok Video: Go to TikTok and find the video you want to download.
  • By clicking the share icon on the video you would like to download, copy the link.
  • View our website app https://ttmate.io/tiktok-to-mp4.html
  • Drop the link into our site's search bar.
  • Your video will be downloaded after you press the Download button.

Yes, ttmate.io offers a free and user-friendly service for downloading TikTok videos.